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Happy anniversary BAF !!


Proud of the past, more deployable today than ever,
ready for the challenges of tomorrow!

This year, the Belgian Air Force celebrates its 75th anniversary since its creation on October 15, 1946. This important milestone is given extra appeal by a remarkable painting of an F-16 fighter plane from the Florennes air base.

The logo with the three planes makes the link with the present, the past and the future:
-The Spitfire silhouette refers to the first fighter aircraft our Air Force ever operated. On October 15, 1946, two squadrons, the 349th and 350th Squadron, took off from their RAF wartime airfield in Fassberg, Germany. Their landing at Evere airport was part of the founding ceremony and marked the very beginning of our current Air Force.
-The plane in the middle symbolizes our current deployment of our resources and personnel in operations: from the Balkan operations, over Afghanistan and Libya to today in the Middle East and the Baltic States. For this we chose the image of the F-16. As a small Air Force, we prove day in and day out that we are a reliable partner in missions for peace and security.
-The F-35 is already a nod to the future. With the arrival of the F-35 fighters, as well as the NH-90, the unmanned MQ-9B and the A400M transport aircraft, our Air Force will have the equipment and men to support the interests of our country and those of our allies wherever it is needed
                                                                       (dixit Facebook BAF/Base aèrienne de Florennes).

BAFARA special-event callsigns:

Of course …., BAFARA wishes to celebrate this happy anniversary and make it known within the radio amateur world !!

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